Until the Sun Explodes

by Silk & Olive

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LIMITED PRESS CD IS SOLD OUT... 4 years ago, Portland, Oregon musician Andy Fish released an acoustic, nostalgic EP (Trouble In the Tea Leaves) centered around the mercurial aspects of love. In 2013, “Until the Sun Explodes” continues down a similarly moody path. Only this time, the guitar and violin are replaced with drum loops, synths and shape-shifted samples. The songs weave woozily from one to the next like an adventure-junkie crawling through caves, star-gazing in deserts and lounging in secret party dens. Sometimes the journey is set to the catchy boom-bap of an 808, other times to the ominous pulse of a beating heart. Fish covers a lot of topical ground here, almost an aerial overview of the human condition: the challenges of intimacy (Easy on the Other), addiction (Masquerade), greed & excess (Gold Dust Boneyard), loss (Saudade) and spirituality (Small Blue Thing). Throughout the cinematic maze, Fish’s haunting vocals create a surreal aesthetic that's somber yet pretty, a downtempo lover's treat. UTSE operates on a visceral level, like that of a multi-exposed image that touches on shared experience although it's not always clear why.

The album's 8 tracks also serve as a soundtrack to a film photography series. The 8 photos, paired with each of the 8 songs, were showcased at the release party at the Graeter Art Gallery in Portland on May 18th, 2013.


released May 18, 2013

Written, produced, recorded & mixed by Andy Fish (except “On the Beach”, written by Neil Young and covered with permission). Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering.

Andy: synths, keys, bass, beats, vocals & sampler
Luke Matter: vocals on “Masquerade”
Jolie Clausen: bongos on “On the Beach”



all rights reserved


Silk & Olive Portland, Oregon

Solo artist Andy Fish composes in a variety of realms ranging from acoustic singer-songwriter to ambient electro to spoken word sound collage.

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Track Name: Easy on the Other
too much too fast rapid pace of the hour glass
sideways blast lucid memory of an ancient past
its four in the morning change the course again
destroying the notion to get out while we can

what's it gonna be what's it gonna what's it gonna be
do you wanna live your days without me
ain't nobody else ain't nobody else i can't forget
ain't nobody else ain't nobody else

do you know do you know
we could piece it all back together
if we take it easy on the other
Track Name: Small Blue Thing
held a little ball shaped it in my hands extraordinary plan
and ohhh it floats it floats spinning effortlessly around around around
and i don't remember how it came to be such a disaster
the early blossoms were so sweet now they're charring in the heat

you were to be my world
you pretty boys and girls
you were to by my world
you were to be a reflection of my obsession
but now you're on your own

they grew sweet potatoes they fished & they raised chickens
populations grew
is it possible that we will see this thing coming
but do nothing about it
gaia is unpredictable
Track Name: Saudade
dreamt of you last night
you drifted far into the sea
i tried to reach for you
as you were struggling

sunlight falls
through the window to my face
my mind wandering
to another time and place

where we were wandering
for the thrill of truly being
there was definitely something
i can feel it still
we were wandering
through the foliage
in full bloom
our worries next to nothing

i hear you breathe
i hear you moan
hold you close to my chest
so you won't feel alone
turn the lights down
baby, keep em low
there's no need for words
as we are letting go